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Providing peace of mind waterproofing systems to Canberra for more than 15 years

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Showers & wet areas

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Balconies & roofing systems

Full bathroom rennovations


Retaining walls & landscape areas

Pools & water features

Consulting & assessments

What makes us different from anyone else?


We have extensive experience and can be proud of 15 years of completed projects.

    Specialists in waterproofing and have retained much of our team to today.
    We can bring in specialist contractors for other works such as tiling and plumbing.

Latest technologies

We use the latest in waterproofing systems and technologies however we don't try and invent our own. We partner with some of the largest international suppliers and brands who have done the proper laboratory research.

    Partner with international brand to install the best systems
    we use the right product for the job, not being bound to one system.

Responsive and adaptable

Sick of waiting for trades to just get a quote? We adopt a transparent standard pricing structure and have designed our systems to maximize our flexibility to your schedule, all while maintaining our QMS (Quality management system)

    We work with you to install the right product for the job in the right time frame.
    Flexible and responsive to what will get the job done.
    Our operation ensures we can scale to any job and maintain our QMS.

Safety and quality culture

We work with QMS 90001. We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

    Maintain our safety processes to the highest level.
    All our team are fully qualified in all their duties.
    Our documentation and processes ensure a safe culture among our team.

Our results

Our dedicated waterproofing team has achieved remarkable numbers through their commitment to excellence.

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Houses waterproofed


commercial spaces waterproofed


tiles laid

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square meters waterproofed


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